Diesel Tractor Service


Coastal Enginuity, LLC services ALL brands of compact diesel tractors including Kubota, John Deere, Yanmar, Cub Cadet, Kioti, Ford and more! We are locally owned and operated, community focused, and provide a broad range of services to our New Hampshire Seacoast customers.


"I own a Compact Massey Ferguson GC2400 Tractor for general year maintenance and chores around our farm. The dealer that sold us the machine is out of business and i needed someone to do a general tune up. I found the folks over at Coastal Enginuity and will never go anywhere else. Ric and his staff were quick, professional and did a great job with the tune up and fixing some hydraulic issues I was having. They were A+ in the service department and whenever i need something fixed, I will be bringing it back to Coastal Enginuity in North Hampton NH. " - Scott R. (Google)


Our full service includes charging system check, inspection of all wear points including belts, blades, spindles, idler pulley bearings, tires, u-joints, tie rods, belts, hoses and brakes. We set tire pressure, grease all points, make mechanical linkage adjustments, level the mower deck, scrape the deck, and sharpen the blade(s). Engine service can include the engine oil, oil filter, air filters, fuel filter (s), and fuel lines. We can change hydrostat oil and filter (s) and front end oil . In additon, we make sure that the radiator cooling fins are clear of any debris. Every machine is cleaned and tested prior to pick up or delivery.


Kubota, John Deere, Yanmar, Cub Cadet, Kioti, Ford and more!


  • If you notice excessive vibrations coming from your mowing deck, this might be caused by a worn, bent, or loose blade, belt, idler pulley or spindle. We will be able to quickly troubleshoot the issue and repair it so that your mower is operational once more. 
  • Many tractors have mechanical brakes, operated by a linkage and cam system instead of a master/slave fluid system. These brakes are located on the rear axles, and work independently. It's important to keep this linkage system lubricated and make sure the brakes are adjusted equally. 
  • Much like a larger vehicle, it's important to watch the gauges of your yard tractor. Keep an eye on the temperature, oil pressure, and tachometer. Your engine should not be running too hot, and if your tractor is equipped with a diesel engine, the oil pressure should be between 40 and 60 PSI. 
  • Does your yard tractor have a hydraulic system, or high pressure hoses or tubing? If a hose or belt appears damaged, worn, or cracked, have it replaced. If fittings or connections are leaking, you'll need to have them tightened, or replace the seals. 
  • If you own a yard tractor, be sure to check it's tire inflation. Because of the shape, low inflation is not always obvious. Rear tires normally have between 12 and 20 PSI inflation pressure, and the front tires may have up to 32 PSI. 
  • Tractors and many other outdoor power equipment pieces have many moving parts, sometimes even more than cars do. These parts all require greasing. You should look for grease fitting on steering components, brakes, and clutch linkages, as well as three-point hitch pivot points.