10 expert tips - Have your outdoor power equipment ready for Spring!

Hi everyone, 

I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather.  Whether you own a tractor, zero turn, lawn mower, riding mower, or push mower, there are things that you can do to be ready to mow:

  1. Start with a fresh tank of gas. Ethanol starts to degrade after a month. It is important to use marine stabil and startron in every tank of fuel. This will prevent ethanol related issues with your equipment. If you have untreated fuel around, dispose of it properly and start fresh!

  2. Change your oil annually (or every 50 hours of operation, whatever comes first). This will ensure that your engine is properly lubricated. Make sure that level is right at the full mark. Check your oil with every use. If the oil level goes down, changes color, or the engine smokes, the engine should be diagnosed and repaired or serviced by an expert technician.

  3. Check your engine for mouse nests. Most small engines are air cooled. If a mouse builds their home in your engine, it will obstruct the cooling of the engine, which in turn can cause it to overheat and burn oil. If the oil level goes down, it can cause a catastrophic failure. If you have a riding mower, start it with the hood open. If you see debris flying around, you will need to get rid of the "mouse house".

  4. On a water cooled engine, coolant must be topped off and in good condition. The radiator needs to be blown out with compressed air to remove dust and debris.

  5. Make sure your deck is scraped underneath, debris is free from the top of the deck, and each blade is sharp and in good condition. This will enable a clean cut and keep the blade spindles (if applicable) cool so that the bearings won't overheat. Debris or grass build up can also cause premature belt or idler pulley wear. A healthy deck will lead to a healthy lawn!

  6. Make sure your air filter is clean and replace if necessary. An engine runs more on air than fuel and it needs to breathe!

  7. On any riding mower or zero turn tractor, make sure that the machine is greased and lubricated at all points, the battery is charged, tire pressure is set, and the deck is level.

  8. All safeties must be operational to make sure we stay out of trouble and don't get hurt.

  9. If you have a snow blower, check the oil, stabilize the fuel (see above), and run the machine out of fuel. You will need to make sure that you choke the engine and prime it several times to ensure all fuel is out of the system.

  10. We are happy to pick your machine up for offseason service if you want it out of the way for the summer or winter months.

We have experience on ALL Brands of equipment including John Deere, Cub Cadet, Simplicity, Craftsman, Troy-bilt, Honda, Gravely, Ferris, Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Toro, and more!  

If you need any help, just give us a call 6035317141 or email us at ric@coastalenginuity.com.

Happy Spring!

Ric, Owner 

Coastal Enginuity, LLC