Expert tips - Have your snowblower, mower, scooter, motorcycle, or ATV ready for Winter!

Is your snowblower ready for the winter?  

Hi everyone, 

As the cooler weather and fall sets in, here are some tips to make sure your snow blower is ready for the winter months:

  1. Follow your owner’s manual for recommended service and operation.  Make sure that you have started your machine, that it runs smooth, and that all functions are operational before you need it.  When doing so, make sure you are in a safe environment where kids, people and pets are clear of the front end of the machine and chute.  The auger and fan area are very dangerous and can send projectiles a great distance.

  2. Set your tire pressure and skids on the front end (recommend 1/8” gap with the scraper bar).  Check all belts, idler pulleys, and the transmission drive disc for wear. Make sure that you don’t have any broken shear pins (do not use regular bolts as these can cause damage to the gear box or drive train).

  3. Start with a fresh tank of gas (we recommend running it dry during the offseason).  Ethanol starts to degrade after a month.  It is important to use marine stabil and startron in every tank of fuel.  This will prevent ethanol related issues with your equipment.  If you have untreated fuel around, dispose of it properly and start fresh!

  4. Change your oil annually.  This will ensure that your engine is properly lubricated.  Make sure that level is right at the full mark.  Check your oil with every use.  If the oil level goes down, changes color, or the engine smokes, the engine should be diagnosed and repaired or serviced by an expert technician.  If you are using a tractor during the winter, you will need to change to the proper grade oil (5w-30). Summer grade oils are too “thick” for winter use.

  5. Check your engine and transmissions for mouse nests.  Most small engines are air cooled.  If a mouse builds their home in your engine, it will obstruct the cooling of the engine, which in turn can cause it to overheat and burn oil.  If the oil level goes down, it can cause a catastrophic failure.  If you see debris around the engine shroud, belt cover, or transmission, you will need to get rid of the "mouse house".

  6. All safeties must be operational to make sure we stay out of trouble and don't get hurt.

  7. We are happy to pick up your equipment for off-season service.  

Winterizing your mower, tractor, handheld, scooter, motorcycle or ATV

It is that time of year where we need to think about proper storage of your mower, tractor, handheld, scooter, motorcycle or ATV.  Here are some tips to ensure proper storage over the winter months:

  1. Follow your owner’s manual for the proper storage of equipment.

  2. Make sure that the fuel level is full (after adding marine stabil and startron and running the equipment for 10 minutes) or run the equipment completely dry (all fuel out of the tank and carburetor).  If a tractor or motorcycle has a shut off valve at the tank, keep the tank full and stabilized and run the fuel or drain the fuel from the carburetor (s).

  3. Remove the battery and store in a warm location.  Use a “battery tender” on the battery for the winter months to ensure a longer life for the battery.

  4. Make a list of any known issues or repairs needed for next season.

We are happy to winterize your equipment, provide storage (fees may apply) and or perform offseason repairs during the winter months so you are ready to mow …or ready to ride in the spring.

We have experience on ALL Brands of equipment including John Deere, Cub Cadet, Simplicity, Craftsman, Troy-bilt, Honda, Ariens, MTD, Husqvarna, Toro, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Vespa, Triumph, Yamaha, and more!

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Happy Fall!

Ric, Owner 

Coastal Enginuity, LLC